PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– There have been promises made and promises broken to develop the Hill District, but a blueprint is finally on the table.

The Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority approved the first phase of the Penguins’ recent redevelopment plan to build 228 apartments– 20 percent of them will qualify as affordable housing.

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Earlier this month, the URA moved the vote for more time.

Plans also include a parking garage, an entertainment venue, and other community improvements like a renovated rec center and a new rescue station.

“Our goal is not to renegotiate our community benefits agreement, but rather to ensure that our next round public subsidy is being invested into the project and that we are advancing on those goals that have been negotiated,” said Marimba Milliones of the Hill Community Development.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Senior Vice President Kevin Acklin agrees that there is still a lot to be done.

“Well we’re building trust and I can’t blame them, this is 70 years of disinvestment. You had a community that’s been disconnected for multiple decades and we’re now just building this trust. We’re not afraid to get in a room on a weekly basis to figure out how we can do this together,” said Acklin.

The funds for this project will largely be paid with tax increment. Instead of paying your taxes, funds will go right to the development.

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