PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man wanted in Florida was arrested in Pittsburgh Sunday morning. It came after he barricaded himself inside a home and caused a standoff with police that lasted for hours.

“There’s a lot of problems over there. They don’t bother me, and I don’t bother them,” neighbor Ruth Youngblood said.

It all started around 10:30 Saturday night in the 3200 block of Lecky Avenue.

Youngblood said it’s never gotten to the level it was Saturday night. There were multiple police cars right outside her door.

“I didn’t know what was going on until a cop came over the bullhorn,” she said from her front porch.

According to Pittsburgh Police, officers were making their rounds on the North Side when they found a stolen vehicle in front of a home. When they went to the house, 61-year-old Raymond Camp threatened them, forced out the homeowner, and barricaded himself inside. Police noticed he had a handgun with him on the second floor.

“I can look out my kitchen window to his second floor,” Youngblood said pointing at the window from her house.

Investigators found out there was an arrest warrant for Camp in Florida. They called in the SWAT and evacuated neighbors like Ruth Youngblood.

“I guess that’s what they were afraid of,” Youngblood said. “If someone was in my kitchen and he wanted to start shooting.”

She had to stay with someone up the street for the night.

After more than two hours of trying to talk with Camp, police used flash bangs and gas to get him out, but it didn’t’ work.

Camp would surrender around 1:30 Sunday morning. Police took him to Allegheny General Hospital before going to the Allegheny County Jail to extradite him to Florida. There are charges pending in Pennsylvania for Camp.

Youngblood was able to get back into her home around 2:00 Sunday morning.