PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– Etna will soon be recognized for having the first certified EcoDistrict in the U.S.

Our partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that officials revealed the pending award at the borough meeting on October 15.

Board members say the official announcement will be made at the upcoming 10th Annual EcoDistricts Summit on the weekend of November 4.

Robert Tunion, a member of the TriBoro EcoDistrict advisory board, told the Post-Gazette, “There are other communities in bigger cities who deserve this honor. We’re just a few dots on the map of places working on these efforts.”

Etna, Millvale, and Sharpsburg formed the Triboro EcoDistrict in 2017.

“That’s the beauty of the TriBoro. Even though we have a lot of the same issues and sometimes work together, we also have our own separate goals and leadership. Etna is a unique community and our neighborhood has plans of its own to be carried out by our residents,” Mr. Tunion said.

The awarding event, sponsored by the Portland Sustainability Institute, will be held at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center.