OAKMONT, Pa. (KDKA) – After a Pittsburgh bus got stuck in a sinkhole, a local bakery is finding a creative new use for donut holes.

The Oakmont Bakery shared a picture of a black and gold donut with a blue Bridgeville Flyer bus stuck in the middle.

“Next stop, Oakmont,” the post reads.

(Photo Credit: Oakmont Bakery/Facebook)

Another local bakery, La Mangia in New Castle, is also putting buses in its baked goods.

Ever since a sinkhole swallowed up a Port Authority bus in downtown Pittsburgh, the sinkhole bus craze has been sweeping across Western Pa.

There are also Commemorative Christmas ornaments and one man even dressed up as a Port Authority bus for Halloween.

(Photo Credit: Joshua Boyda/Facebook)

A massive sinkhole opened up in downtown Pittsburgh on Monday during morning rush hour, swallowing the back half of a Port Authority bus and nearly a car with it.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Both the bus and car have been removed, but the sinkhole still remains.

Part of 10th Street will be closed for about eight weeks while crews work to repair the road.