For Richard Corson, and his wife, the timing couldn’t have been better.

“With my wife getting her medical problem, and we had to put a few items on our agenda to fix and with this problem we didn’t know what to do,” said Richard Corson.

Richard also suffers from arthritis and says the need to update their bathroom was too hard to ignore.

This morning, he appeared excited and still a little in shock as West Shore Home immediately went to work inside his Baldwin home.

Workers were building a new shower, for free.

“We asked our employees to nominate somebody and to nominate somebody they feel is deserving of this and we put it in a hat and basically he got chosen,” said Jason Tutich, West Shore Home General Manager.

It’s part of the company’s “Baths for the Brave.” They partnered with 9 other home improvement companies across the country to provide baths for deserving veterans.

Richard spent much of his life in the service.

He joined the Army in 1970 and eventually went to Vietnam.

“After 38 years I mean it’s been a blessing. It’s really been a lot of blessed years,” said Corson.

“This is one small thing we can do for Richard, and help somebody out in our community,” said Tutich.