PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – While the Pittsburgh bus sinkhole is starting to fade from our memories, the viral image of a Port Authority bus is now a permanent tattoo on one Pittsburgher.

Lilly Silknetter shared a picture of her new ink on Instagram.

“The best response to chaos is coming together and laughing about it. I love Pittsburgh,” the caption reads.

The tattoo was done by Pittsburgh-based tattoo artist Kaitlyn Teressa. Her photo of the tattoo already has over 1,100 likes on Instagram.

In an interview with The Incline, Silknetter said she likes how Pittsburghers dealt with the sinkhole by making a joke out of it, instead of turning it into something to complain about as 10th Street will be closed for a month or two.

Teressa tells KDKA that Silknetter wanted to get the tattoo because she thinks everyone needs to take themselves a little less seriously. For a brief moment Pittsburgh was united and made a joke about the incident, and came together because it was funny.

After a sinkhole opened up in downtown Pittsburgh and swallowed a Port Authority bus, sinkhole mania has been gripping the ‘Burgh.

There are Commemorative Christmas ornaments.

One man even dressed up as a Port Authority bus for Halloween.

(Photo Credit: Joshua Boyda/Facebook)

Sinkhole confections have also been created, like sinkhole bus donuts from the Oakmont Bakery.

(Photo Credit: Oakmont Bakery/Facebook)

The sinkhole still remains as repairs are expected to take weeks.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Part of 10th Street will be closed for about eight weeks while crews work to repair the road.