Sponsored By CGI

CGI is a $11 billion company employing more than 77 thousand people globally, and 400 here in Pittsburgh.

In CGI’s Pittsburgh Innovation Center, they serve clients as their local business and information technology partner.

One area of special focus in their Pittsburgh Innovation Center is their Human-Centered Design Practice, which supports clients in creating a superior experience for their customers and employees.

When it comes to digital transformation, technology is only part of the answer. Through human-centered design, new solutions are developed with a deep understanding of the human problems they will solve.

CGI sits on the same side of the table with clients to help them discover what’s next. They directly observe and interact with customers and employees, then assemble a team to envision new business processes and products. They explore ways to eliminate inefficiencies and focus on not just implementing digital technology, but on creating a compelling experience that truly matters to them.