By Meghan Schiller

BEAVER (KDKA)– A viral video shows a nasty case of bullying involving local high school students.

A 9th grader endures verbal threats, a punch to the face, and then several classmates shared it on social media.

“The video is so horrible. People need to see it because they need to stop,” said Jerry Gross, the victim’s step-father.

The young girl’s parents, Jerry and Dana Gross sat down with KDKA’s Meghan Schiller and said the pitfalls of social media just hit home.

“It’s horrible. Just totally sickening,” said Dana Gross, victim’s mother.

“Disgusting and at that point, there was only the 1 video that we knew of at that point.”

The Gross’ sent KDKA 2 videos that show their daughter Maddie, a ninth-grader at Central Valley, being bullied by a female student at Beaver High School.

The video allegedly shows that girl spraying some liquid from a “Shoubottle in Maddie’s face and then punching her in the face just moments later.

“Maddie had tried to leave saying I don’t want to fight you and I don’t want any problems,” said Dana Gross.

In the second video, we hear a death threat and then see Maddie thrown across the room.

“She’s hurt, she’s embarrassed, she doesn’t want anything to happen to these kids. We don’t either. They’re children.”

The Gross family wants this to serve as a lesson: on the dangers of bullying and social media

“She wants us to say she’s not looking for revenge. She wants this to stop.”

Even though the bullying happened off school property, The Beaver Area School District issued this statement saying, in part, “The Beaver Area School District strongly condemns any acts of violence and sharing such videos on social media.

Meghan Schiller