PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – “This is a big deal for McKees Rocks, this is a great day for McKees Rock,” said Jack Muhr, McKees Rocks Mayor.

Friday morning was the grand opening for the new Speedway along Angelina Avenue.

McKees Rocks Mayor Jack Muhr says this convenience store is more than just a place for people to fill up their gas tanks and grab some food.

It’s the start in revitalizing a town that has struggled.

“There was a lot of other industry,” said Muhr. “We’re starting to lose that because of the way the changes are. And it’s not only happening in McKees Rocks, it’s happening all over the country.”

And here’s a first for Allegheny County: there are 18 dedicated tractor-trailer spots behind the Speedway where drivers can park for the night.

KDKA found out Trinity Commercial Development bought the property and cleared much of the area, including blighted properties.

This is all part of CSX’s $70 million dollar investment in the “Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal.” The hope is to re-establish McKees Rocks at a railroad and trucking transportation town.

“We have another 32 acres here to develop which we hope to attract users similar to this that have and are in logistics in trucking business,” said Craig Rippole, Trinity Commercial Development.

And the more development in the area means more money.

“That’s all taxable income that was previously vacant and blighted and industrial property that helps increase the tax base and provides tax revenue for the borough,” said Rippole, so that additional police can be hired and roads get fixed.

“It’s what we need. All these municipalities you know, they’re all struggling and they all need this,” said Muhr.