CLEVELAND (KDKA) — A petition to reinstate Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has gained popularity on social media.

Cleveland Browns fans have come out in force to defend their player, with the petition tallying more than 60,000 signatures on, as of Monday night.

The petition, started by Larry Vishak, says:

“On the night of November 14th 2019, Myles Garrett was attacked while playing for the admirable Cleveland Browns, by an evil fill in QB named Mason Rudolph, and his yellow henchmen. Myles, being the beloved defensive man he is, fought back and won ripping Masons helmet off! Unfortunately, the evil zebras and Mr Roger Goodell of the NFL, conspired to end Garrett’s shining year, and take the wind out of our beloved Cleveland Browns. Us at Barber & The Brain (CLE’s greatest podcast) want to fight back, get Myles Garrett back on the field, and assist our team to many more victories!!! Help us, and sign the petition!”

Garrett was suspended without pay indefinitely after ripping off Mason Rudolph’s helmet, then swinging it and hitting him on the head with it during last Thursday’s game.


The Steelers and Browns were each been fined $250,000, and the Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey was also suspended three games.

Rudolph reportedly will not pursue legal action against Garett after the brawl.

The result of the petition will most likely have no impact on Garrett’s suspension.