PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett talked to KDKA’s Stacy Smith about the impeachment process and how it’s affecting the upcoming 2020 election.

When asked if the Democrats have made their case yet, Corbett responded by saying that this isn’t a criminal proceeding.

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“I would say they made their case before we ever started testimony,” Corbett said. “Becuase I think the decision was made by the Democrats in the House that they are going to file articles of impeachment. I don’t think these hearings have changed anything for them on that.”

Burn agreed, saying he “doesn’t think the dynamic has changed whatsoever.”

What has changed is public opinion. The Democrats and those who believe there was some sort of quid pro quo are making their case now in front of a national audience.

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At this point, it appears the Democrats will head for impeachment and at this point, it seems the United States Senate won’t convict President Donald Trump.

While these public impeachment hearings are heavily affecting the public, Burns and Corbett agree the hearings won’t affect any of the Democratic candidates for president.

“Sometimes best way to judge the success of any candidate is by the rage or posturing of their adversaries,” said Burn.

He says in the last two weeks, we’ve seen an increase of attacks on Mayor Pete Buttigieg from the Warren wing, from the Sanders wing and from the Biden wing.

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“What happens when you get to the front of the pack — everybody’s chasing you. Everybody is going to try to find everything they can on you.”