PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Court documents reveal new details about the ongoing battle between the defense and the prosecution in the Tree of Life shooting case.

Robert Bowers is accused of killing 11 people at the synagogue last year.

A judge hasn’t set a trial date because of the ongoing battle between lawyers on each side.

Judge Donetta Ambrose said she will only consider selecting a date after all of the lawyers’ motions are resolved. When a date is set, she says it won’t conflict with any of the Jewish High Holy Days.


Bowers’ defense team wants access to all of the evidence collected by investigators, and they want it to be organized in a certain way.

They’re specifically interested in witness observations and anything tied to the hate crime allegations against Bowers.

But the prosecution says those steps are unnecessary and that they shouldn’t have to turn over every piece of evidence the FBI collected.

Judge Ambrose has said, “I do not want to move a trial date” and for that reason said she will not set “some artificial date that night be moved because of other motions.”