JEANNETTE (KDKA) — 13-year-old Mason Schultz of Jeannette dreamed of visiting the theme parks in Orlando.

Now, thanks to the Sunshine Foundation, his dream is coming true.

Mason, his mother, and his siblings will visit Legoland Florida, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World next week. During their visit, the family will stay at the Sunshine Foundation’s “Dream Village” a 22-acre resort with cottages specially equipped for special needs youth.

Mason suffers from Legg-Perthes Disease, a childhood condition that occurs when blood supply to the ball part of the hip joint is temporarily interrupted and the bone begins to die. The symptoms include limping, pain or stiffness the hip, groin, thigh or knee, and limited range of motion of the hip joint.

The Sunshine Foundation is a group that provides trips for families and children suffering from chronic illnesses, physical challenges, or the trauma of abuse.

For more information about the Sunshine Foundation, you can visit their website.