PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Whether it’s the Pittsburgh Police Bureau or any employer, workers often leave their job in search of greener pastures.

Over the years the city has seen a number of officers come and go. But lately a new trend has started, some of those police officers are coming back to the city.

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“We’ve had a number of officers who have decided to return to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police,” says Mayor Bill Peduto.

“We’ve also had a very high number of officers who come to the Bureau from other departments, both locally and nationally.”

Mayor Peduto admits officers left the city seeking higher pay at suburban departments.

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A first year officer in the city receives a starting pay of $44,710 compared to a first year officer in Wilkinsburg who receives a starting pay of $54,177. The mayor is hoping to narrow the gap.

“We’ll have a new contract with our officers before the end of the year. We will be more competitive with suburban, but we’ll never be the highest,” says Mayor Peduto.

But even if the city can’t match pay with the wealthiest suburban departments, Chief Scott Schubert says officers told him, they came back because the opportunities in the city are endless.

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“Between all the specialty units they can get into, whether (it be) the Mounted Unit, River Rescue, SWAT, the Traffic Unit, Special Investigations with homicide, group violence intervention, sex assault, robbery, burglary — just all the opportunities,” he says.