BETHEL PARK, Pa. (KDKA) – Detectives are now hoping surveillance footage from a truck stop in Nevada will answer remaining questions about the death of Bethel Park woman Jaime Feden.

Detectives from Nevada are in Bethel Park as they continue their investigation into the death of Feden, who was found in the Nevada desert.

The investigators from Lincoln County are working in partnership with Bethel Park Police on the case. The Nevada investigators were also in Bethel Park on Thursday.

KDKA’s Meghan Schiller reports they have now ironed out the timeline in the case and have the times and dates nailed down. Their attention now turns to surveillance footage from a truck stop in Nevada.

“Timelines from their leaving Bethel Park until their arrival in Las Vegas to their arrival in Lincoln County hopefully will help us track down video surveillance at a local truck stop or somewhere they stopped along the way,” said Mike Ray of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.


Armed with specific dates and times, Ray and Sgt. Derek Foremaster can turn to technology

“Internet and phones are a great resource, but we can also investigate that and see a pattern of who and when they went,” Foremaster said.

The Nevada investigators spent Friday afternoon at Feden’s Bethel Park townhome and will talk to her family over the weekend.

They will head back west on Sunday.

Yesterday, Chapman was held before a judge for a preliminary hearing. He was held on all charges.

Several of Feden’s family members were at the hearing, including Jaime’s aunt, uncle, cousin and best friend. Family members broke down in tears when they saw Chapman at Thursday’s preliminary hearing.

“As a family, this is as bad of a blow to the gut as anyone could ever have. I would never wish it upon anybody,” said Jaime’s uncle Keith Lewis.

Chapman has not yet been charged with Feden’s murder despite an initial detailed admission to police.

Investigators are also now saying Chapman is married.

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The detectives also would like to talk to Chapman’s wife, but don’t yet know if that will happen.

Police say Chapman, 39, admitted to taking Feden into the desert, tying her to a signpost and suffocating her.

“There was no question that he was there, he knew details that only people who had been on the ground there would know,” said Deputy Ray.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, Bethel Park police Chief Timothy O’Connor told them that where the murder happened assumes the jurisdiction. In this case, it would have to be the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department that would be responsible for filing a homicide charge against Chapman.

Meghan Schiller