PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former Collier Township Police officer is facing multiple charges for allegedly harassing teenage girls and asking them for nude photos.

Allegheny County police say 29-year-old Cory Hurka was suspended from his duties at the beginning of October, days after the Collier Township Police Department requested help investigating allegations against Hurka. Officials say he resigned on Dec. 3 and arrested on Dec. 10.

In the criminal complaint, Hurka allegedly requested nude photos of several underage girls in the Collier Township area.

The criminal complaint mentions two underage victims who accuse Hurka of harassing them while they were at work at The Sun Club in the Great Southern Shopping Center.

The victims told detectives Hurka would come in for a tan or just flirt with them.

“He met those women at their place of employment and at times he was in uniform,” said Allegheny County Police Inspector Andrew Schurman said.

While the incidents happened over the last three years, one of the victims said she was afraid to say anything because Hurka was an active officer at the time.

In both cases, the victims say Hurka picked up their phones and added them on Snapchat. He would then allegedly send them suggestive pictures of himself in his underwear, asking the teenagers to send him nude photos in return.

WATCH: KDKA’s John Shumway Reports Live From Police Headquarters.

One victim, who says she was harassed from age 16 to 17, says Hurka would often ask her to have sex with him.

The other victim, who was 15 when Hurka started talking to her, claims he would talk about giving her Juul e-cigarettes in exchange for nude photos.

The alleged harassment was so bad, one of the victims says she quit her job because of it.

The criminal complaint goes on to say one victim says Hurka would come into the tanning salon when she was there alone in the evening.

Hurka is facing charges of unlawful contact with minors, criminal solicitation and corruption of minors charges.

Hurka’s lawyer Blaine Jones says he hasn’t had the case long enough to comment for his client.

After John Shumway’s story aired, he reports Allegheny County police are now following up on another tip involving an allegation against Hurka.