ARMSTRONG COUNTY (KDKA) — Two men were sentenced for their roles in an Armstrong County drug-related apartment shooting.

Armstrong County officials announced Willie Lunsford, of Mount Union, and Eric McKenzie, of Beaver Falls, were sentenced for their roles in the incident.

Lunsford was convicted of attempted homicide and other charges.

McKenzie was convicted of four counts of felony one conspiracy to commit robbery and other charges.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Kanisha Croyle arrived at the apartment building with Lunsford and McKenzie on April 19.

Police say Croyle had a 35-year-old Kittanning woman open the door to the apartment building.

When the woman opened the door, Lunsford and McKenzie allegedly ran inside and placed a gun to the woman’s head.

Lunsford and McKenzie then had the victim lead them to a 40-year-old man’s apartment.

The 40-year-old man confronted Lunsford and McKenzie over what police suspect was a drug debt.

During the confrontation, the man was shot once in the hand.

Sentencing is Feb. 25, 2020.