MONONGAHELA (KDKA) — A local teenager is being charged an adult after he allegedly broke into a man’s home and beat him with a bat during a robbery.

Christopher Urista, a 16-year-old, is being charged with attempted homicide as an adult and he is currently on the run.

The victim, Stephen Whately, spoke exclusively with KDKA’s Ross Guidotti.

“Nothing’s really hurting except my eye, it’s a little messed up but that’s about it,” Whatley said.

Whatley is recovering after Urista and a 14-year-old broke into his home in Monongahela, attacking him and robbing him.

Both suspects were wearing masks.

“I woke up, and there was kids in my house with masks,” Whatley recalled. “The one was asking for everything.”

Whatley tried to fight back but Urista allegedly beat him unconscious with an aluminum bat.

“They just basically kept hitting me, I guess,” Whatley said.

Ashlie Burrup was in the apartment with Whatley when it all happened.

“I saw him unconscious on the floor, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife because I thought he was dead, honestly,” she said.

Urista and the 14-year-old escaped, the 14-year-old was picked up by the police a short time after the robbery.

Christopher Urista is still on the run but will be charged as an adult.

“He’s facing criminal attempt charges as well as aggravated assault,” said Monoaghela Police Chief Kevin Harris.