WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) — West Mifflin Police say they have received emails from residents about a suspicious email from a sender claiming to be from Amazon.

The email has the address as “info@amazon.com” but the actual email is something completely different.

The email appears to be an order confirmation from Amazon, despite the recipient not having ordered the item.

The bottom of the email contains a note saying “If you did not place this order please call us on 1-855-789-0347 (Fraud Protection Team).”

When the West Mifflin Police called the number claiming to be the Fraud Protection Team, giving them a made-up email, the person on the line said the account had been hacked and they would need to get a block code from an Amazon store.

Physical, brick and mortar Amazon stores do not exist.

The operator then told West Mifflin Police they would need to go to a “partner store,” a Dollar Tree or Dollar General, and purchase a gift card to send back to the Fraud Protection Team and regain access to their account.

Police are reminding residents to never buy gift cards to regain access to accounts.