ELIZABETH, Pa. (KDKA) – It’s a story that could’ve ended tragically: an elderly woman goes on a shopping trip, gets lost while driving and is reported missing by state police.

“She could’ve been on some back country road and run out of gas at the same time and with it as cold as it is outside,” said Chief Bill Sombo, Elizabeth Borough Police Department.

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But Janet Finegan ended up here, in Elizabeth Borough.

The 85-year-old lives south of York, Pennsylvania. That’s more than 4 hours away.

“I drove all day yesterday, literally,” said Janet Finegan.

After being on the road for many hours, Janet later found herself stuck and disabled in her silver Saturn.

“She had hit the bump-outs that are on the street and blew out two of her tires,” said Sombo.

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Cold, hungry, tired and even a bit disoriented, she needed help.

Police took Janet to their station. They wanted to warm her up, make her feel more comfortable and, of course, talk to her about what happened. But the kindness from officers did not end.

“We took her out for breakfast this morning, down at Wagner’s, the restaurant, and had a nice long talk with her,” said Sombo.

Chief Sombo said his officers took caring for Janet a step further.

Two of them volunteered to drive her to Bedford County, which is halfway to her home. They’re meeting up with Janet’s sister-in-law.

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“I just want to show, we’re all about helping people. Police officers aren’t all bad. We’re not out here to hurt people. We’re out here to help people.”