NORTH HUNTINGDON (KDKA) — A local family is getting noticed because of a song.

The woman behind the lyrics of the song “Differently Abled Man” is Lisa Satira Brozek of North Huntingdon.

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“He was having a bad day maybe a year and a half ago, a lot of frustration trying to communicate with me, trying to tell me what he wanted,” said Lisa Satira Brozek.

Brozek is referring to her son Christopher Brozek, 28, who diagnosed with autism at 3 years old.

“I was just feeling so bad for him and I thought if he could really express to me how he feels, what would he say?” said Lisa Brozek.

So she decided to write the song.

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John Vento of Band Together Pittsburgh suggested she take the song a step further and have it produced and recorded by the Granati Brothers in Beaver County.

That’s when Lisa decided to have her daughter sing the song.

“I felt she was the perfect person to do it because as Christopher was growing up, she really was his voice,” said Lisa Brozek.

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Lisa Brozek is talking about her daughter Caitlin Nicole, 30.

“We work with people on the autism spectrum and we create a variety of music programs, we support them to be involved and interactive through music,” said John Vento of Band Together Pittsburgh.

Some of those people are featured in the music video, including Christopher Brozek, who is playing the drums.

“He matters so much and that’s what I wanted to get across. Try not to ignore me and just accept me for who I am. He’s just a differently-abled man,” said Lisa Brozek.

The song is available on iTunes and Amazon Music and proceeds go to Band Together Pittsburgh.

It’s also gaining attention across the globe.

“Recently, we were told there’s an independent owner who owns two iHeartRadio stations and she’s been featuring the song worldwide on iHeartRadio,” said Vento.

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“I’m a differently-abled man and I matter so much,” said Christopher Brozek.