ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A social media post in Elizabeth Township is going viral for spreading kindness during the holiday season.

“People are just looking for help with different things, whether that’s to shovel their driveway, help with an oil change or families in need for Christmas gifts,” said Jackie Von Thun, who posted a message in several Pittsburgh Facebook groups.

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That message read: “What is one thing you NEED that you cannot afford right now? Let’s check and see what others say, maybe you have it and don’t need it.”

Eventually, that post made it to the “All About Elizabeth Forward” group, where Bonnie Filer saw it.

She told KDKA she just wanted to help but also needed some help of her own.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

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Filer said her mailbox was rusting and needed replacing.

While she had the new mailbox, she didn’t have the physical capabilities to replace it on her own.

“Even though the post said what do you want, it wasn’t just a materialistic thing. It was what can we do to help you at this time, this day, this second,” Filer said.

Almost immediately, responses poured in to help Filer with her mailbox.

On Friday, a couple plans to come by to help her build it.

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After the kindness of others, Filer hopes the post keeps spreading and more people are able to benefit from the love of a community member.