NORTH VERSAILLES (KDKA) — Fire forced several people from their apartments in North Versailles overnight.

Just before midnight, firefighters were called to the building on Greensburg Pike.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Brian Smithmyer)

Flames broke out in one apartment while smoke filled others.

“It’s amazing. I knew there was a fire, but I didn’t think it was anything like this,” said Mike Rodman, who lives in the building.

Rodman is referring to the large amount of damage done by flames and smoke in the apartment right next to his.

An elderly couple lived inside.

“I go look, and I then I realize when I come out here, man, then I see the smoke and everything,” said Rodman.

Rodman tells KDKA, he lives in the Versailles Castle Apartments with his 82-year-old mother.

He says everyone was evacuated from the building, which was around 15 people.

Some were taken to a nearby hotel, others stayed with family.

Rodman and his mother stopped at his sister’s place.

“He’s outside, and I’m looking out the window, and I’m like what’s he doing? He’s like, we had a fire,” said Pamela Tamburo, Rodman’s sister.

Firefighters rescued two people from a back porch attached to one of the apartments.

The West Wilmerding fire chief says the rescue is a good example of teamwork between firefighters and police.

“The North Versailles Police did a really good job,” said Chief Merle Pusey. “They gave us an update, told us it was on the second floor, so we knew exactly where to go to, make entry and go to it. It’s pretty challenging when you have multiple doors to go through.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Scott Danka)

The chief says more than a dozen residents weren’t allowed back in their homes overnight.

No one was seriously injured.

People who KDKA talked to believe it may have started as a kitchen fire. However, there’s been no official word on the cause.