OAKLAND (KDKA) — The University of Pittsburgh Police Department and Pittsburgh Police are searching for an intruder who broke into a woman’s apartment in Oakland Friday night.

The burglary occurred on the 200 block of Semple Street at 9:19 p.m. The apartment owner entered her residence to find an unknown person standing in one of the rooms. They then fled the residence with no other details known about where they fled or the direction they went.

No one was injured.

The windows were open on the first floor of the apartment. It is not known whether anything was actually stolen.

The intruder is described as a thin 50-year-old African American man around 6’2 in height. He has black and gray hair, and he was wearing glasses, a red flannel shirt and a black beanie hat.

If anyone knows anything about the identity of the intruder, they are asked to contact either Pittsburgh Police at 412-422-6520 or the University of Pittsburgh Police at 412-624-2121. People giving information can expedite the process by providing the specific number associated with this case. That information is listed below.

Pittsburgh Police

  • reference CCR # 19-262046

University of Pittsburgh Police

  • Reference report #19-04106

A crime alert about the incident was sent to University of Pittsburgh students via email and text.