NORTH HILLS (KDKA) — A restaurant in the North Hills was forced to close because the foundation is sinking and the building could collapse.

The attorney for Emporio: A Meatball Joint said the Wexford business closed for safety reasons.

A letter on the door addressed to “Friends, Neighbors and Valued Customers” said the building is having “foundation issues.”

“The floor was separating from the walls, and the kitchen was becoming a hazard,” attorney Dennis Blackwell said. “So for safety reasons, we decided to close until we could get some dialogue with the landlord.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Blackwell said the soil underneath the building’s foundation is either settling or may not have been properly compacted.

“It was slipping away from the walls. It was pulling away from the walls and floor,” Blackwell said. “So I don’t know what exactly happened underneath.”

The attorney said he doesn’t know how long Emporio will be closed.

They’re trying to move employees to the two other Emporio locations in the city.

Gigliotti Properties — the building landlord — and Village of Pine — the developer — could not be reached for comment.