PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man in prison who confessed to killing a woman a 25-year-old woman in East Pittsburgh has pleaded guilty to third-degree murder.

On Wednesday, Allegheny County announced Delrico McClinton pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, theft and access device fraud in connection to the June 2019 beating and strangulation of Whitney Maleeca Lyn Boyer.

In exchange for the plea, he will be sentenced to a prison term of 25-50 years.

In June, McClinton’s confession came when he told a counselor at the prison that he needed to speak to law enforcement.

He went on to say he met Boyer in the early hours of June 1.

She went back to his house at 18 Maple St., he said they had consensual sex and then he killed her.

He also admits that he went through her purse, removed her credit and bank cards and used them to purchase cigarettes at a local gas station and a Walmart in North Versailles.

McClinton told investigators he used the victim’s phone until it died.

State Police found her decomposing body in the basement of the house and there was a large amount of blood at the bottom of the stairs.

McClinton was in the Cambria County Jail to complete a program for people who violate probation and now faces criminal homicide, theft, and other charges.