MIAMI (KDKA) — Another week has started, meaning another Antonio Brown situation is already underway.

This time, a domestic dispute at his home in Florida involving the mother of three of his children, Chelsie Kyriss.

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According to reports, Kyriss was trying to pick the kids up to go to school Monday morning, when Antonio Brown accused Kyriss of trying to steal a Bentley from the property. Kyriss was allegedly evicted from the house and was only allowed to be there to take the children.

Reports say the police arrived, and Brown became irate when officers tried to get a good grasp on the situation. Brown recorded the incident on video, which was recovered by TMZ.

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WARNING: Article and video are NSFW

Brown apparently did not care how bad the situation looked on camera for his image, as he is heard yelling “F— the NFL, this is real life!” in the video.

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During the video, Brown repeatedly yelled at police officers, claiming they were not doing their jobs, while also insulting Kyriss multiple times with harsh language.