PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As we get farther in to the 2020 election season, we wanted to see how much your vote in Pennsylvania’s presidential primary will matter.

Traditionally, the commonwealth votes later in the calendar, meaning fewer candidates to choose from.

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Assistant Professor of History at Duquesne University Dr. Andrew Simpson said there could be more options in April. He said there is a more diverse field this time around and we don’t have a clear front-runner yet.

There are about a dozen people left in the field and about half of them are in the top tier.

Dr. Simpson said this is one of the biggest fields since the 1970s, and they offer a wide range of political stances.

“I think that’s good for Pennsylvania voters because they get an opportunity to start to put issues to Pennsylvanians onto the national stage,” he said in a sit-down interview at Duquesne University.

Pennsylvania votes April 28, after more than 30 states — including those who vote in March’s Super Tuesday. With no clear front-runner yet, Dr. Simpson thinks there could be several candidates left in the running come our turn.

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“That’s good for Pennsylvania voters to have more people to choose from and to have their voice really matter in selecting a candidate,” he said.

He said there are so many candidates because the Democratic Party is looking to find its goals for the future as times change. Look at our own backyard, he said. Traditionally Democrats who appealed to blue-collared workers have won in Pa., but the last two years have been bigger for progressives.

“That’s going to be a strong case for many of these progressive candidates who are making an argument for national electability,” Dr. Simpson said.

More than three months out from the primary and ads are already filling the airwaves in our area.

Dr. Simpson said to get ready for plenty more of them on social media and people going door-to-door for your vote. He believes whoever does well or wins this state will show to a national stage that they can contend in November.

“It shows you can win crossover voters. People who may have been Democrats who voted for the president in the last cycle,” he said.

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He feels Pennsylvania is usually reflective of the way America feels, so don’t be surprised if the winner in the Keystone State goes on to be the nominee.