PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– Chad Ochocinco could be coming out of retirement and back on the gridiron this Spring.

This time, he will be in a new league and have a new position.

According to reports, Chad Johnson has a tryout to become a kicker for the XFL.

“The opportunity to kick in the XFL has presented itself, i must tryout Monday in Houston, I’m excited as hell & I’m sure all will go well 🙏🏿”

The 42-year-old has not played in the NFL since February of 2012 with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

Throughout his career, Johnson has shown interest in kicking. During the 2009 preseason, the standout wide receiver converted an extra point for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson hopes the tryout for the XFL goes well, and he hinted at maybe trying to parlay that into a spot as a kicker on an NFL roster.

“Pretty far fetched but imagine me being consistent during an XFL season & getting a chance at a 53 man roster in the NFL, even i don’t make it just being able to compete for a spot at a entirely different position will be so riveting 🙂”

The XFL is set to return after the NFL’s Super Bowl. Week one of the renewed league takes place February 8th.