PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The former police officer acquitted in the Antwon Rose II shooting is suing the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael Rosfeld claims the university improperly fired him.

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The firing was months before the Rose shooting.


Rosfeld said he was terminated without cause and didn’t have a hearing.

Rosfeld was fired after he arrested three men at a bar in Oakland in 2017.

He was informed of an investigation concerning him two days after the incident. He was fired six weeks later.

The former police officer contends he was fired because one of the men he arrested is the son of a high-ranking Pitt official.

The men claim Rosfeld used excessive force.

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Video surveillance showed otherwise and supported Rosfeld’s account of what happened.

The lawsuit names the university, Pitt’s Chief of Police James Loftus and Kathy Humphrey, the university’s senior vice-chancellor.

The lawsuit claims Rosfeld was fired for arresting Daniel Humphrey, Kathy Humphrey’s son.

Rosfeld is asking for a hearing, his reinstatement following that hearing and lost wages and benefits.

The University of Pittsburgh released a statement, saying:

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“The University has not received the suit yet.”