DUNBAR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – A Fayette County company has created a healing skin from soybeans.

Dunbar Township-based NeuEsse Inc. has created a product called OmegaSkin. A news release says the plant-based product promotes “wound closure, healing and skin regeneration” with less scarring.

The protein from soybeans is spun into a mesh patch or scaffold which is then either applied to wounded skin as a bandage or by using a spray device. It then helps regenerate skin.

“This skin substitute will change the future of medicine due to efficacy, affordability and acceptability,” said NeuEsse Inc. founder and Connellsville native Joe Connell in a press release.

“We believe the product will be acceptable to millions of patients whose religions or cultures presently prohibit the use of skin substitutes derived from cadavers, pigs and cows. A plant-based skin substitute will bridge this gap.”

Connell also says in the news release that he wants to make his product more affordable than his competitors’ so it can be available to third world countries.

You can learn more about NeuEsse and OmegaSkin online.