By Andy Sheehan

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — U.S. Congressman Guy Reschenthaler has introduced a bill aimed at breeders when they sell pets.

A group of activists named Luna’s Legacy have been picketing at Petland in Robinson ever since a dog died 2 years after it was purchased there died.

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“We’re protesting dogs from Petland because we know they bring in puppy mill dogs and a lot of them come in sick,” said Luna’s Legacy’s Joyce Alvarez.

“We’ve seen this for years where a family goes into a pet store and they buy a dog that is sourced from a puppy mill that’s sick,” said U.S. Congressman Guy Reschenthaler.

In the past two months, KDKA has brought stories of owners who say they bought sick dogs from local Petland stores.

Petland denies that its dogs come from puppy mills, saying that it only buys from federally-licensed and responsible breeders, but a bill introduced by Congressman Reschenthaler aims at providing documentation to what is true.

“My bill would bring transparency to dog sales, so breeders or someone selling a dog would have to show records of medical care and treatment and also the history of how it was bred,” Reschenthaler said.

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Congressman Reschenthaler proposes establishing a federal database called “Petfax” that would allow all dog purchasers to get a record similar to a Carfax when buying a car.

It would list all Animal Welfare Act violations by the breeder and the health history of the animal.

Penalties for supplying false information would be a ten-year ban. Reschenthaler believes his bill will root out puppy mills.

“It would drive consumer to breeders who are reputable — and I applaud that — or it’s going drive them to pet shelters like animal Friends where you know you’re going to get a dog that needs home but has been treated for any illness and has not been abused while in that shelter,” Reschenthaler said.

The Petland protestors say that Petfax would be a great aide to any dog purchaser.

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“It would. They’ll know backgrounds of the dogs, because there’s good breeders out there and they’re careful with the dogs and they get the proper care. This is not that,” said Luna’s Legacy’s Joyce Alvarez.