PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA) – Local veterinary specialists are treating several animals rescued from an abuse situation in Erie. Humane agents say someone doused the animals with some sort of liquid, leaving them with severe chemical burns.

It’s a case that left the veterinarians treating these dogs shocked. The two dogs from Meadville were brought to Pittsburgh after suffering burns to 80 percent of their bodies.

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“I mean I’ve been here almost 14 years and this is probably the largest wound I’ve seen,” said Dr. Julie Compton who works at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.

Compton is just one of the veterinarians treating 2-year-old Goldie and her 9-month-old brother Chopper.

“Goldie is probably about the cutest blonde dog you ever seen, maybe about 10 pounds-ish,” Compton said.

Compton tells KDKA Goldie is missing skin along her face, head and several other parts of her body. Chopper has similar burns along his back. The veterinarian said both lost about 80 percent of their skin.

“First and foremost is pain control, so making sure she’s comfortable, whether it’s some narcotics or anti-inflammatories just relieve her pain, make sure she doesn’t have an infection,” Compton said.

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While the two dogs recover, their owner Terry Payne, 73 was charged on Monday with neglect of animals and providing vet care.

According to the criminal complaint, Payne told officers the injuries were an accident: “He said they were pouring a high strength drain cleaner into the sink and the pitbull Chopper bumped the drainpipe underneath the sink, causing the pipes to come apart. The drain cleaner went all over Chopper’s back and Goldie’s head and face.”

Humane Officer Eric Duckett tells KDKA Payne refused to take either dog to the vet. The department was only alerted to the injuries when a concerned neighbor called weeks after the alleged incident.

“I never, have I ever seen an injury so severe and I’ve seen hit-by-car dogs and other dogs, so I was in complete shock. There was no question these dogs needed to go to a specialist,” Duckett said.

While the dogs have about another week of recovery in Pittsburgh, the investigation continues in Meadville.

As for the treatment, the veterinarians said the costs are high. The ANNA Shelter started a Facebook fundraiser that already raised over $16,000 donations, but the vets tell KDKA that won’t even begin to cover the costs.

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If you want to help or donate to Goldie and Chopper, click here for a Facebook fundraiser.