By Pam Surano

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — Officials were on scene after shots were fired at police officers in New Kensington.

(Photo Credit: Royce Jones/KDKA)

Multiple departments were on the scene in the area of Kenneth Avenue and Constitution Boulevard on Tuesday night.

The New Kensington Police were on patrol Tuesday night, and they believed that saw someone wanted for another incident.

In a press conference, a detective said a vehicle being used by an officer or officers in undercover operations approached the individual and shots were fired by the person.

No one was hit and the police did not exchange gunfire, according to officials.

WATCH: Officials Hold Late-Night News Conference After Shooting

The shooter fled and is unaccounted for, police said.

State police also said they’re not certain if the person they saw was even the person they originally thought it was.

On Kenneth Avenue, a car was in the middle of the road with windows that appear to be broken or shot out in the back.

Westmoreland County Community College sent out a tweet that the shooting was reported near the school’s New Kensington campus.

Law enforcement remained on scene, the tweet said, and the campus was locked down. All students attending night classes were safely escorted to their vehicles and were permitted to leave.

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