GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – Recently the Westmoreland County Housing Authority introduced a new weapon in their war against the tiny biting, bloodsucking monsters we know as bed bugs: dogs.

“For a dog to be able to sniff out a pest like that, it’s incredible. I think it’s great,” said Hempfield Towers high rise resident Curt Win.

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That’s right: this week the Housing Authority brought in man’s best friend to inspect their Hempfield Towers high rise. Eight dogs went room by room and to sniff, sniff and sniff some more, doggedly determined to find the pests.

“You weren’t allowed to touch them. We had to leave our apartment so they wouldn’t pick up our scent. And he went around and sniffed everything,” said Win.

“I never thought a dog could do that but apparently they can,” said resident Dana Smail.

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Your typical pooch has a sense of smell 40 times greater than ours. And apparently bed bugs give off a stench only man’s best friend can snoop out.

The Housing Authority has battled bed bugs off and on, and according to officials, the dog squad is just another way of preventing an outbreak.

They will continue to visit county-run housing on an as-needed basis and Hempfield Towers resident and dog lover Curt Win says that’s okay by him.

“I love animals. I never met an animal I didn’t like.”

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This also saves taxpayers money. If there’s one “outbreak” in one room, you have to check every room in the high rise. But a dog can come in and quickly determine if there is or isn’t a bed bug problem in other rooms.