CRANBERRY, Pa. (KDKA) – Fort Cherry High School in Washington County was supposed to have their prom at Noah’s Event Venue in Southpointe, and since hearing-the venue is filing for bankruptcy, they’re certain they’re being ripped off.

“It’s our last dance ever. We wanted to go out with a bang and now we lost everything, so,” says Katie Nemec from Fort Cherry High School.

It’s the day Katie Nemec and her prom committee at Fort Cherry High School have been planning since summer.

“The theme was Great Gatsby, the roaring 20s since it’s 2020.”

Caterer, DJ, decorations — everything booked.

Their senior prom is scheduled for May at Noah’s Event Venue in Southpointe, but after hearing on the news the venue is closing, plans for a senior prom are on pause.

“We’ve had business sponsor us, we’ve done huge fundraisers, we have fundraisers coming up and it’s just devastating for us.”

Katie says the prom committee signed a contract with Noah’s to pay installments on the $5,700 venue fee. They’ve already paid more than $3,000. She says she’s called to get the money back and is being completely ghosted by the venue.

“This amount of money might not seem like a lot, but for us, this is a huge deal, this was going to be our biggest prom ever, we were so excited about it,” she says.

And after paying Noah’s their most recent installment, the Fort Cherry prom fund barely has anything left. Certainly not enough for a deposit on a new location.

“We’ve looked at a couple other places but we have no idea what to do at this point,” she says.

KDKA’s Royce Jones came to the Noah’s in Cranberry to see if a representative could tell us when and if people will get their money back, but KDKA’s crew was asked to leave.