PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Valentine’s Day is not only a day to cherish relationships, but also a day to improve them.

Etiquette Expert Liz Aquino, of the Good Manners Group, sat down with Heather and David on Pittsburgh Today Live to share some overlooked relationship skills to help improve your relationship.

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“Familiarity sometimes leads to poor manners. Common courtesy becomes uncommon,” said Aquino.

Aquino discussed the importance of valuing your partner’s appearance. Instead of rushing off to the date, it is important to express your excitement and show appreciation for the effort your partner put into getting themselves ready.

One question Aquino is faced with, is “is it okay to point out the food in my partner’s teeth?” Aquino said it is polite to discreetly point it out and suggest checking it out themselves.

Next, Aquino addressed some of the topics to avoid on the first date, as well as the ones to touch on.

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Some of the topics she suggested avoiding: personal finance, politics, age or weight issues, gossip, or even death.

If you are interested in a second or third date, Aquino stressed the importance of leaving the phone aside and being in the moment to keep the momentum of the date going.

If you find you are not interested in another date, Aquino suggested you follow her three C’s: clear, concise, and cordial.

Chivalry was another point of discussion, where Heather asked “is it okay for the man to pick up the check, or open the car door,” in this age of empowering women.

“Dating manners definitely evolve with each generation,” said Aquino.

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Aquino said the person who initiates the date has identified themselves as the host, and they should pay, but other manners such as opening doors and offering a jacket still stands and should be done.