PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Antonio Brown doesn’t appear to be finished making amends with his former team.

After he appeared on a local morning show last week to express his gratitude to the Steelers organization, Brown apologized to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Instagram.

“Mostly you a little bit of me !” The post read. “Yee yee!! I never realized how good I had it, got caught up in my emotion with everyone coming after me I really apologize for my actions sincerely man! It’s never been another connection like what we done in the past decade. I appreciate you. Sincerely AB.”

This comes on the heels of Brown constantly calling out Roethlisberger.

Brown said things like “Just had to get my ends”, calling Roethlisberger “two-face”, blamed Ben for several things after the Raiders and Patriots parted ways with him, and maybe most notably, called him “that loser.

KDKA went to Primanti Brothers in Crafton and the lunch crowd weighed in on Wednesday.

“I think he’s just growing up and seeing how good he had it in Pittsburgh.”

“I think it’s a guy clearly looking for a job.”

“I think the guy’s desperate, and I think he’ll say just about anything to get back in his position.”

But when fans were asked if they’d like to see him back with the Steelers, this is what KDKA’s John Shumway heard.

“I’d welcome him back to the city for sure.”

“I’d like to see him back because he’s a phenomenal football player and everyone deserves a second chance.”

“I don’t want to see him in any uniform. I think he should be gone from the league not even play.”

“I just don’t think he should be in football right now, I think he needs some help.”

Would the Steeler organization welcome Brown back into the fold?

“No comment,” the Steelers told KDKA.

Brown was recently found liable for the damage done to his Miami apartment.

He is currently a free agent but the NFL is investigating several incidents.

Brown reached out to former Steelers Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick for advice on how to make a comeback.