ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – Rex Kibe isn’t taking any chances when it comes to being safe.

He’s temporarily moved out of his Elizabeth Township home, and into his garage because of a landslide.

“I have a massive landslide going on, and it’s been going on for about three months,” said Kibe.

Kibe says he’s called the Department of Environmental Protection to monitor the slide.

In the meantime, he’s not only brought his couch to his garage, for a makeshift bed, he’s also gathered items that can’t be replaced, like family photos.

While in the garage, he says it’s hard not to think about the slide that he believes will inevitably reach his home.

“The second tier is going to drop down too, because of all the weight now, it’s probably going to come up against the house,” said Kibe.

“It slid some more last night,” he shared with KDKA’s Lisa Washington.

“I put a light on it, I come out every two hours, I didn’t sleep too good worrying about it.”

Kibe says this isn’t the first time a landslide has threatened his home. A retaining wall was put up in 2011 after the first landslide, and now he says it’s leaning.

He’s not optimistic about the outcome.

“I don’t think there’s any hope,” he said. “’Cause that’s a lot of dirt up there. There’s tons and tons of muck.”

Kibe says the Department of Environmental Protection is in contact with him, but not formal course of action has been determined.

He’ll continue to stay in the garage, or with family.

Lisa Washington