By Kym Gable

DUQUESNE (KDKA) — The City of Duquesne Police Department made an impassioned plea to curb local gun violence.

Officials said they arrested two 15-year-olds in possessions of guns.

“Within an hour and a half time, we arrested a 15-year-old male carrying a gun. Shortly thereafter, detectives witnessed a drug deal. They got involved in that, ended up chasing a 15-year-old who was selling the drugs,” Duquesne Police Chief Thomas Dunlevy said.

After the arrests, the department took to Facebook on Monday to say the department is teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to assist in curbing the violence.

The post came after a 19-year-old was injured a shooting over the weekend in Duquesne.

The teen’s condition has stabilized police say.

“I ask all parents to step up and be a parent,” the post reads. “Talk to your kids about violence and guns. Don’t allow your child to become another statistic. The streets will not raise your child. Give your child someone to look up to….and that has to start at home.”

Monday’s arrests are not linked to the weekend shooting.

“If you’re not starting at home, then what are you doing as a parent?” Dunlevy said.