PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former principal at Westinghouse High School is working for the Pittsburgh Public Schools district again after he allegedly abused a 14-year-old student.

This was Javonda Thomas last fall: “I want Dr Taylor fired. I am going to sue him to the fullest extent for putting his hands on my 14-year-old child.”

The principal of Westinghouse High School, Dr. Bernard Taylor Jr., did not lose his job, but he did get a new assignment. Thomas is not happy about that: “I was very angry. Frustrated.”

Thomas says her daughter was bullied at Westinghouse and last year a fight broke out between her daughter and another student.

Thomas says a school guard broke it up and then Principal Dr. Taylor jumped in, grabbing her then-14-year-old daughter by the collar, dragging her down the sidewalk, up the cement steps outside Westinghouse, and then once inside the school, slamming her onto the floor.

Her daughter suffered injuries and still needs medical attention.

“She is having constant headaches throughout the week again, she is dizzy almost every day in the morning, she gets carsick and never was carsick ever before when we get in the car for me to take her to school.”

Meantime, as of Feb. 3, Dr. Taylor has been working at the district’s central office in Oakland in the Office of School Performance. He is the principle of special assignments at his same salary of nearly $111,000 dollars a year.

According to the district, in his new position, Dr. Taylor could still come into contact with students.

Meantime, Taylor’s attorney Phil DiLucente, says his client “acted appropriately last fall at all times while dealing with a chaotic scene.”

The girl’s mother hired an attorney this afternoon.