By Paul Martino

WHITE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police originally said they wouldn’t charge anyone after a four-month-old baby boy was shot in Indiana County, but they are now saying it’s an open investigation.

Just four months old, the little boy was shot in this apartment with a 9 mm handgun. That was on Feb. 1. Since then, the boy continues to be treated at Children’s Hospital, the gunman hasn’t been identified and the neighborhood is distressed:

“It’s a shame that is was a baby. Four-month-old baby. That’s terrible.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Rumors are spreading about how it happened. Until now, state police would only say it was an accident and the boys father fired the shot.

But now they tell KDKA that its an open investigation. Neighbors want answers.

“There’s nothing being said. I seen what was on the news the first morning and that was it,” said neighbor Pam Shaffor.

State police say they don’t know when their investigation will wrap up. When it does, they’ll turn their findings over to the Indiana County District Attorney to decide if the father will be charged.
In the meantime, there’s anxiousness on the street where it happened.

“I’d like to know more of what happened, My grandson lives with me and he goes to school, he has to walk up that way to get the bus.”

The last report KDKA had was that the boy was in stable condition, but that was weeks ago.

For now, the four-month-old continues to be treated at Children’s Hospital, and the investigation is ongoing.