BRADENTON (KDKA)– It’s a new year for the Bucs with new players, new president, new GM and a new manager in Derek Shelton.

It is not only his first year managing for the Pirates, but his first year managing in the MLB.

“I think anytime you get into coaching and you start coaching and you get to the Major League level there is an aspiration to be a Major League manager,” Shelton said. “One hundred percent it is a dream come true.”

This dream might not have come true if it wasn’t for his wife Ally.

“My wife and I sat down and I think it is a big credit to her because she knew that I wanted to manage and the little nudge from Ally is probably the biggest thing of making sure I got out of my comfort zone and I think it a life lesson for all of us. I am using it with our guys. We have to get out of our comfort zone to try different things and I don’t think that if I wouldn’t have got that push from her I never would have done that”

For Shelton, baseball is a family affair. His dad played in the majors and helped him fall in love with the game at a young age.

Shelton’s first game is Saturday, February 22nd at home in Bradenton against the Twins, his former team where he served as a bench coach.