ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) — Dozens of malnourished dogs have been turned over to the Ashland County Humane Society in Ohio.

(Photo Credit: Ashland County Humane Society/Facebook)

Forty-six mixed breed dogs ranging in age from puppies to five-years-old were voluntarily surrendered by the owners Wednesday, some with large patches of missing fur and visible rib cages, the Times-Gazette reported. The dogs are a combination of terrier, beagle, and chihuahua.

The director of the Humane Society, Tiffany Meyer, said hopefully lawmakers will consider an ordinance to limit the number of dogs allowed on a property.

Dog Warden Joe Eggerton said neighbors had complained beginning about a year ago and that the owners had been cited. The owners — or owner — have not been identified.

“I feel that things got out of control for” the owners, Meyer said.

The county prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case and said it is too early to say if charges will be filed.

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