PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In a heartwarming video, the state dog warden rescued an abandoned dog he saw while running out in the woods.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture shared a video of Warden Steven Stoehr saving a dog they say had been abandoned, left in the bitter cold, rain and snow.

The first time Stoehr saw the dog, he says he was able to calm it down and get it to eat out of his hand, but the poor pup got startled and ran away.

He returned again and found the dog waiting in the same place. So, he fed the dog, leashed it, and led it back to his truck, reassuring it along the way that everything would be okay and the dog would find a good home.

When residents pay to register their dogs, the fee funds the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

“This is a dog that will truly thrive thanks to people licensing their dogs thus providing us the opportunity to rescue dogs such as these,” a Facebook post read.