(CNN) — Jeremiah Cribb was only trying to fit a good deed into his overnight driving shift.

He ended up falling 75 feet off the side of a North Carolina bridge — but survived, somehow, and walked away with a few broken ribs.

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Cribb, a 24-year-old FedEx driver, spotted a driver stalled along a bridge in Salisbury. He jumped out of his truck to assist them and turned on his hazard lights to warn oncoming cars.

Then he saw an 18-wheeler headed straight toward them.

“We didn’t know if [the driver of the tractor-trailer] was going to hit the car, but I kind of had a feeling that he was,” he told CNN affiliate WSOC.

Just as the tractor-trailer was about to collide with the stalled car, Cribb jumped over the side of the bridge. He assumed there’d be a grassy median to meet him on the other side.

Instead, he plunged 75 feet down onto a hard sandbar below.

“I just reacted,” he told the Salisbury Post less than one day after the fall. “It’s pitch-black dark. I was thinking I was hopping over a median. I just started free-falling.”

He stayed still, afraid to move in case he’d seriously injured himself.

“I thought I broke my back,” he told the Salisbury Post. “I moved my neck. I moved my legs. I crawled to my phone to call 911 and the police were already there.”

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When Salisbury firefighter Jacob Vodochodsky rappelled down the bridge to reach him, he saw Cribb in the fetal position. He feared Cribb couldn’t move.

“I gave him a little pinch on the leg because the way he was laying there looked like he may have been paralyzed from that great of a fall,” Vodochodsky said at a news conference.

Cribb felt the pinch.

Eventually firefighters helped a dizzy Cribb on his feet and back up the bridge. Somehow, fire officials said, he’d missed the hard roots and logs below that could’ve killed him — a vat of mud broke his fall.

“To be honest, that’s entirely miraculous,” Salisbury Fire Battalion Chief Nicholas Martin said at a news conference.

He was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, but ultimately, Cribb got off with three broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Physicians who treated Cribb told him under any other circumstances, he likely would’ve died.

He’ll spend the next few days in the hospital recovering from his injuries — and “trying to wrap [his] head around” his remarkable survival, he said.

(Photo Courtesy of Jenequa Cribb Gofundme page)

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