PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Bethel Park family says they are lucky to be alive after they were involved in a major accident inside the Liberty Tunnels on Saturday.

Luke and Joni Watson were driving home from a ski trip with their six-year-old son and their dog.

Pittsburgh Police say around 2 p.m., a driver tried to change lanes in the tunnels, clipped one car and swerved into the Watson’s Jeep.

“I believe the car flipped and landed on its side and spun around and also slid for a distance,” Luke told KDKA Sunday.

As the car came to a stop, fear set in when six-year-old Abel wasn’t speaking.

“I started to panic and ‘is he okay, is he okay?’ He said something eventually,” Luke said. “Then I remembered the puppy. She’s only 12 weeks and was in the car as well, wasn’t strapped in, and I thought there’s no way she survived this.”

Fortunately, the entire family including the dog was alert as first responders from Bethel Park pulled up.

A representative from Tri-Community South EMS tells KDKA paramedic Todd Gooch and EMT David Britton were driving just ahead of the accident and turned around when they saw what happened.

They pulled Abel and the dog from the car window first.

“They completely put his mind at ease in a situation that could have been very traumatizing and they never left him,” Joni said.

Luke, Joni, and Abel were all taken to the hospital, but released shortly after with minor injuries.

The family is calling it a miracle.

“Makes me feel like we have some angels watching over us,” Luke said.

Police say the passenger in the car that caused the crash suffered a broken nose, but there were no other injuries.