OHIOPYLE, Pa. (KDKA) – In Fayette County, the search is on for whoever spray painted rocks at Ohiopyle State Park.

On Sunday, the park shared photos of rocks down by the river that had been vandalized.

Graffiti was found on the Ferncliff side of the Main Falls Area, right across the river from the observation deck of the falls. Anyone standing on the deck could very clearly see the yellow and red spray paint covering the landscape.

Park manager Ken Bisbee said that the graffiti was not there on Saturday and that a ranger supervisor discovered it when he opened the gate Sunday morning. Bisbee suspects the vandalism occurred overnight.

Bisbee told KDKA that in his 6 years at the park, he has never seen anything like this, and many residents in Ohiopyle had never seen anything like this happen in their time living in the area.

Maintenance crews spent Monday washing the paint off the rocks. It was a process that had to be done carefully — slapping on any old paint remover might clean up the rocks and save the view, but kill another thing that makes the place special: the environment.

Fortunately, brushes and a power washer did most of the job. There are some areas that need a little more effort and other places nearby tagged by those responsible.