PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Whether you’re traveling 30 miles or 3,000 miles, manners should always come with you.

Etiquette Expert Elizabeth Aquino, of Good Manners Group, stopped by Pittsburgh Today Live to talk with Heather and David about some of the ways you can continue to mind your manners while traveling.

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A viral video has surfaced where an American Airline passenger was upset with the woman in front of him reclined her seat, and he proceeded to hit her seat. This video has sparked a debate on whether it is okay to recline your seat, or is it rude?

Aquino suggested that you should not recline your seat. “If you recline your seat, sometimes it makes for an untenable situation for that person behind you,” said Aquino. For instance, if the passenger behind you is using their tray table, their space becomes smaller because you have taken over.

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If you still want to recline your seat, Aquino recommended turning around and making eye contact with the passenger behind you and simply asking if they mind if you recline. If the passenger does not want you too, it is not polite to be persistent in asking to recline.

Another concern you may have when traveling is sicknesses. Aquino advised on bringing items such as some disinfectant wipes, for yourself and your seatmates, a plastic bag for garbage such as tissues, and surgical face masks to offer those around you who may be coughing.

Another debate on travel that Aquino discussed is armrests on an airplane. “The unlucky person in the middle seat gets both of them,” said Aquino. Aquino said if you are in the aisle or window seat, that you get outer armrests.

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Aquino is available for private or group lessons in various types of etiquette.