PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The family of Jordan Lampus is planning a big celebration after her plane lands tonight at the airport.

The 22-year-old woman was found thousands of miles from home after she had gone missing.

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Nearly six days of torture are over for the family: Jordan Lampus is safe. She’s with her parents and she’s coming home.

Tina Lampus and her husband were in a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming wondering if they would ever see their daughter Jordan again.

They had been in Cheyenne for several days after police discovered Jordan’s 2006 blue Toyota van parked on the side of the road.

Officers say the circumstances were suspicious.

Jordan’s mom says her daughter was supposed to be at their house in Beaver Falls last Saturday, but when she didn’t show up, they drove to her apartment in Erie.

That’s where they learned her phone and a bag of clothes were missing.

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It’s also where the family reported her missing.

Then, while Tina was in Cheyenne, Jordan called mother in the middle of the night from Seattle.

“I was incredibly overwhelmed, it was more like a panic because I just knew here she is, I didn’t want to lose her, I had her on the phone and I just needed to get where she was at,” said Tina.

Jordan got on a bus and headed further west.

“She was able to get on to Denver, where at that point she got a Greyhound bus that took her to California and then she got another Greyhound bus. That bus took her to Seattle.”

Jordan’s brother Chris says his prayers for her safety were answered.

“God definitely had an angel on her shoulders protecting her and it’s good to know she’s okay,” he said.

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It’s still not clear why she went to Seattle or how she got there, but her family is glad she’s safe.